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It is important to appreciate how this remarkable database first came to life in 1995 to become a valuable source of breed specific information.  From March 2005 to September 2022, it has lived online within the ‘Lochindorb’ website under the ownership of Mr Bob Nicolson. As from September 2022, with the kind and generous permission of Bob, the database is to be housed within the new website address ‘englishspringerdata.org’ under the guardianship of the English Springer Spaniel Club. The ESSC is very honoured and proud to be entrusted with the custodianship of such a significant set of records, which will undoubtedly continue to flourish in its new home.

Where it all began

Bob and Mairi Nicolson have been involved with dogs since the early 1960s, initially with Irish Setters and then Pointers, before purchasing their first ESS in 1993 which was a black and white bitch from Jean Taylor’s Cleavehill kennel. You can read all about their ESS journey on www.lochindorb.com

In 1995, Bob & Mairi decided to have their first ESS litter and thus began Bob’s interest in researching pedigrees. The interest grew into a passion for collecting information and Bob built an extensive database for his own use. The idea of a database  was primarily started because Bob was keen to learn more about the extended pedigrees of their own dogs. The website aimed to be as complete and accurate as possible to the best of their knowledge, containing five generation pedigrees of all the Champions and Show Champions and traced back to the first ESS Champion ‘Beechgrove Will’ who was made up in 1903.

Along the way, Bob was assisted in the acquisition of ESS data from numerous people. In particular, he acknowledges the help given by Fran Glendinning, Walter Webber, Phil Timmins and Jim Hay for their initial valuable inputs.

First time going online

In March 2005, Bob’s database was established online within his own ‘Lochindorb’ website  to provide a research facility to assist all the lovers of ESS so that they could also trace the ancestral roots of their dogs, be they ‘show’ or ‘work’. The data is not limited solely to UK based ESS but contains many records from across the world. It was developed by Bob with information from many sources i.e. friends’ records, KC Stud Books, UK Show catalogues, and other databases that were contributed . It also contains a complete listing of KC Stud Book records and Breed Record Supplements up to date.

This facility continues to enable ESS enthusiasts to make use of the extensive bank of material and a considerable number of people have found it to be a marvellous source of data. Many of them have also contributed to its wealth of information along the way, whilst Bob has continued to work tirelessly since 1995 maintaining the site to make sure the information was as current as it could be.

Not Just a Pedigree Database

In addition to the pedigrees, there is a separate database which holds:

  • Alphabetical records of 500+ Judges who have awarded BOB, CCs & RCCs. The records detail which dogs received the awards, where and when since 1902.
  • Alphabetical records of the pedigree names of dogs which have been awarded BOB, CCs & RCCs. The records list who gave them the awards, where and when since 1902.
  • Alphabetical records of Clubs and Societies where BOB, CCs & RCCs were awarded since 1902. The records show the year the show took place, who the judge was and who won the awards.

NB: Whilst KC Stud Books have recorded CCs awarded since 1902, Reserve CCs were only recorded since 1949. Best of Breeds have been recorded since 1962.

Where no entries appear in the records against CC or RCC, the award was withheld, or the winner subsequently disqualified.

The ESSC aims to continue with the outstanding meticulous work that has gone before and would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Bob for entrusting it with his legacy. The Club welcomes any information that will enhance the database to ensure that it is kept as the definitive record of the English Springer Spaniel, presently more than 161,600 pedigrees and 9,300 show records.  If you have any pedigree or information queries, please contact the website Administrator or the Webmaster via the link on the ‘Information’ page. 

Yvonne Billows CFIIA

President of the English Springer Spaniel Club

September 2022 

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